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Volume 12 Issue 7
July 2010
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Missionary Spotlight:
Introducing Eric Bergquist 

Now through September, Eric Bergquist a missionary with the North American Mission Board, is available to help our association. He has twelve years of experience ministering to and working with needy and marginal people. He is focusing on pockets of poverty in Antioch, Pittsburg and the Monument corridor in Concord. We are praying that the Mission Board will assign him to work with us full time. Let me introduce him to you by sharing with you the story he submitted to me. I hope you will be touched and moved to get more involved.


Seeing People Clearly

Carol Renaud (also pictured are Keith & Crystal from Delta Baptist Church) cares about people and thus has taken the initiative to run the Bethel Island Baptist Church's food pantry. She opens the pantry at exactly 10 a.m twice a month. Before it opens she makes sure everything is in order, she keeps track of the numbers, the inventory; but when everything is cleaned up and put away at the end of the day you can tell it is the people that matter to Carol. As she serves it also obvious that she is learning to feel the pulse of the needy people on Bethel Island.

A great example of how much she cares can be seen in how Carol keeps records of every visitor. When a man, who had come regularly for food, missed the pantry a couple of times she investigated the situation and learned that he had died.Then she filled a box with groceries and visited his widow.

In Mark chapter 8 there is an account of Jesus healing a blind man. For some reason Jesus chose to fix his blindness in two stages. After the first stage the man said, " I see men as trees, walking." The blind man could see, but the problem was not completed until Jesus touched him again and "he saw every man clearly".

A well-run program is not enough. Individuals matter. Are men seen as trees walking? Are the poor seen as a problem to solve? The homeless don't just lack houses. They lack homes. More than a roof, they need someone who cares. Do we see those we seek to help as numbers or do we see them clearly- as people?

With all the needs at this time we have the opportunity and capacity to do ministry better than we have ever done it before. Do we know clearly the communities we are called to serve? Could it be the time has come for the churches in our Association to help each other refine ministry ideas that we have been dreaming about, praying about, but not yet doing much about? Can we give worn-out ministries a fresh edge and a clarified purpose? Can what is working be multiplied? Can we learn from one another? Can we grow that connective tissue that provides the needed support and inspiration? Can we learn to feel where it hurts and see our neighbors more clearly? If you feel there is more God would have you and your church do, but you maybe don't see very clearly what that is, then ask for help. Start a conversation. Write an email to the association office or call Eric directly at 415 939-2377. Let's ask Jesus together to help us see more clearly.

If you feel there is more God would have you and your church do, but you maybe don't see very clearly what that is, then ask for help. Start a conversation. Write an email to the association office or contact Eric directly at 415 939-2377or sfpagestreet@earthlink.net. Let's ask Jesus together to help us see more clearly.


Food Bank
Bethel Island 

We wanted to give you a quick glimpse at one of our churches working in their community.


Church Leadership Training (CLT)
September 11, 2010 


Living Word Christian Center

1494 California Circle, Milpitas

For more information, classes, schedules, or to register please use the link below.

Pastors Networking
Join Our Class on Hermenutics 

The Art & Science of Interpreting the Bible & Relating it to a Modern Audience.

Sharpen the Skills Needed to Interpret God's Word.

PN are the 1st Thursday of Every Month.

10:00 AM


First Baptist Pacheco.

333 Center Ave

Upcoming Dates:

Thursday 8/5

Thursday 9/2

Thursday 10/7, Followed by the executive by board meeting @ 11:30 AM.

Thursday 11/4

Thursday 12/2

Taught by Pastor Jim Meek of Trinity Baptist Church.


Assoc. Monthly Pastors Luncheon

Open to all Pastors

Held the 3rd Tuesday of the Month.


The pastors luncheon has been put on held for the summer months of June, July, and August. We will resume in September.

Next Lunch:

Tuesday September 21, 2010

11:30 AM

Parkhaven Baptist Church

If your church would like to host a pastors luncheon please contact the association office.

We still have openings for the following months.





CSBC Fresno Offices 

Due to Budget Cuts

The Fresno Offices

Have New Hours

Monday - Thursday

8 AM - 5 PM


Summer Missionaries

Please Continue To Pray For:

Andrew Dodson


Linsay George

Here is where they are serving for the rest of their time.

7/3-7/17 First Southern Baptist

7/17-7/24 Bethel Baptist

7/24-7/31 New Life

7/31-8/7 Parkhaven Baptist



Gentle Shepard
Senior Adule Retreat 

8/30-9/3 2010


Camp Cazadro

Cost $140.00 Per Person

Pastor: Rev. Joe De Leon

Music: Mr. Wendall Foss

Accompanist: Mrs. Wendy Warburton

Deadline to Register: 8/16 2010

For More Info or to Register Please Contact:

Lynn Slaydon




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